2024 Summer Capsule Wardrobe

2024 Summer Capsule Wardrobe

I’ve had some requests for a new summer capsule wardrobe, much like the one I did last year. Well, I aim to please, so I’m excited to share my 2024 Summer Capsule Wardrobe with you today. It’s been my goal to get it out by June 1st, and I almost made it!


Before I share all of the components, let me explain a bit about what I had in mind here. First of all . . .

What Is A Capsule Wardrobe?

If you aren’t familiar with a capsule wardrobe, it’s basically a small collection of clothes that can be put together in different ways, and it should include everything you normally need to wear. It does not typically include special occasion pieces or undergarments, and it may or may not include jewelry and workout attire.

Usually a capsule has a specific color palette, and while it doesn’t have to be a neutral palette, that’s usually what we see. I think that’s because neutrals are easy to mix and match, and they tend to be associated with the minimalist lifestyle that appeals to people who use capsule wardrobes, but you can do whatever you want.

About the 2024 Summer Capsule

For this 2024 Summer Capsule Wardrobe, I stuck with mostly neutrals, but I have a few red pieces since red is trending this year, and also to make a few “patriotic outfits” for the 4th of July.


Please note, these wardrobe pieces are just suggestions. If you don’t care for the styles of pants that I chose, for example, you can certainly choose one that works for you. I gave each item a label, so you can see the general idea I was going for with each one.

Also, I included other options for each item at different price points in the shopping widget, and you may already have a lot of these items in your closet that you can use.

This capsule is also smaller than last year’s, with only 20 pieces, including shoes and handbags. It does not include swimwear, workout gear, or accessories. I think I liked the larger capsule better, so I’ll remember that for the next one. I would have liked to include a few more footwear options, and a couple more tops, but of course, you can add those to yours, if you like. This is just an idea to start with.

24 Summer Outfits for 2024

Below are pictures of the outfits I came up with, and you can find links to all these items and more in this 2024 Summer Capsule shopping widget. You can also download this printable PDF if you don’t want to have to keep referring back to this blog post.

Okay, so here you go… 20 items, and 24 summer outfits for your everyday style inspiration!

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